Cynthia Y. Brown has 13 plus years in the temporary staffing & employment industry. Her experience includes owning and managing an employment agency in San Diego, California and Las Vegas, Nevada.  She has hired many employees during her time in staffing.  Her greatest achievements are contracting with large and small companies. She has been able to assist, place and support job seekers in administrative and technical employment contracting positions. She has created and designed award-winning resumes for job seekers that led to employment. Her current employment solutions include, Resume & Writing Services, Employment Consulting Advice -  Executive job Search Services.

 Consultant Computer Processing Application helper for benefits / Consultant Personal letters,Resume Cover letters-  Resume Services Employment Consultant Services, Consultant Credit letters to delete derogatory credit- Personal letters, Social Security benefits help with application letters, Housing, Medical Benefits ,Veterans Benefits application and more.

 Recruiter, Job Seeker / Employer Consulting Support /  Employment Advantage Solutions Employment is an equal opportunity.


NAICS  561312-  For  Executive Search Services employment services are Human Resources, Employment Consultant / Recruitment Services. Please note that individuals and candidates identified, recruited, or placed are not employees of this 
executive / Recruitment search firm establishments, and all services are online.

561410 - Document Preparation Services / Benefits Application Processor / Credit Correction letters, Personal Letters,  Resume Typing Services, Cover letters, Keyword, Employment consultant advisory services, sending resumes to companies thru emails online.

541612 - Human Resources Employment Consulting Services, Human Resources advisory on careers and employment for job seekers and business. Please note these job seekers or candidates will no be an employee at Advantage Solutions Employment this employment agency.  

 Mission: is to provide employers and job seekers with the best employment solutions related to employment needs, For     supported services - Employer, Consulting Executive Search, and Resume Services, we can create, assist, and design a better workforce community for our job seekers and we can help your company find the best talent available in San Diego and Los Angeles areas(. Direct Hire / Recruitment Only. (no bids, no contracts, agreements only by email, PDF, for Direct Hire,employers to pay 10 to 22 percent percent based on the employee annual gross income, fees paid by employers.
Advantage Solutions Employment do not hire job applicants or candidates this company is only a executive search / recruiter and employment consultant services company only, all services are online.

Similar Names - there are certain name on the internet that is not related to Advantage Solutions Employment, and may be false advertisement  under Advantage Solutions Employment Legal name on the internet, Please contact the right legal name and address of the company before sending out mail, faxes or emails. letters, advertisement and postings on the internet

 Update- Advantage Solutions Employment is no longer incorporated with the state of California as of July 2023.

 Advantage Solutions Employment - will utilize these companies when placing and searching for candidates, Cal-jobs, Indeed, Zip Recruiter, LinkedIn, San Diego Reader, San Diego / Los Angeles Career Centers, Local Community Colleges - San Diego, San Diego job Career Centers.  Job seekers human resources employment consultant career advice, resume services typist.

 Advantage Solutions Employment is certified / License thru the City of San Diego Business tax certificate dept., CA / Certified thru  the city of Los Angles CA Business tax certificate Dept. /   Certified / SBE-  Certified State of California Dept. of General Services / Certified Suppler Clearing House WMBE.

      Recruitment permanent placement services to employers and job seekers for a fee.


 Internal Revenue Service- Active
 McAfee Internet Protection / Microsoft Office Software -   Active
 Qualified Job Seekers, Resume Services, Employment   Consulting Services, Equal Opportunity   Employer
 A plus rating Better Business Bureau - Member Active / LinkedIn Member Employment   Consultant   Advisor /  Free   advice   for LinkedIn Members. 

Advantage Solutions Employment Incorporation  2010-Present- 402 W. Broadway Suite 400 San Diego, CA 92101 Pass Performances GPS Engineering Sub-consultant Contract /  Rick Engineering San Diego, CA /  Resume Services /  Staffing / Employment Consulting Services.

 PAST PERFORMANCES - Secretarial Resume 1934-1994 5150 Spyglass Hill Dr. Las Vegas Nevada 89119 Giving advice to job seekers and consumers employment consulting advice sending resumes to employers followed up with employers for job seekers fee charged.

PASS PERFORMANCES  year 1994-1997- Professionalized temporary Employment Service  DBA- Professional Temporary Employment Service License by Clark county Dept. of business license Las Vegas, NV/ Supplier / Subcontractor  1055 E. Tropicana  Suite 400  Las Vegas NV 89104 Service Sub Contractor / Supplier- Las Vegas Clients / References for staffing include    employment placement   temporary positions - Reynolds Electrical & Engineering Company, Nevada Power Company, as Vegas Valley Water District, Sprint Central T  Telephone Company,   House Hold Finance Card Services, Waken- Hut Security Services, Regional  Transportation Commission, Raytheon Services of Nevada, U.S. Postal Services and  more.  Positions was in Clerical Administration, Data Processing Customer Service, Accounting, & Computer Applications.  Member of the Minority Supplier Development Council     1995-1997 Supplier Clearing House- Certified  Supplier 1995 -1997  Better Business Bureau Member 1995 -1997.  Most Staffing contracts accounts were financed by Riviera   Finance. Previous Duns number 883210742

  Previous Address -1850 5th Avenue San Diego, CA Previous address Professional Temporary Employment Service year 1998-2000  License by City of San Diego, CA Supplier - Clients reference for employment staffing placement include: 
San Diego Transit, Primary Care Associates, San Diego Surveyors, Rent a Center more.

Gaps between employment agency from 2000 to raising daughter  / 2010 Cynthia Brown Attended Mesa Community College San Diego, 2010  Business Credit 4.0 GPA / Employers Cynthia Brown worked for 1989-2010 -  Quality Enterprise thru the state of California - Retail Sellers license.  /  Avon- Sales Representative  - Recruiter San Diego, CA /  Tritel Marketing Appointment Setting Vista, CA - for Trend West Resorts. 
 North County Times Newspaper- Sales Representative  Oceanside, CA & spent time raising her daughter.  Other previous employers - Navel Training Center San Diego, CA Waitress
Olsten Temps San Diego, CA Thru- County of San Diego  Administrative Representative /  Home Shopping Network / Mistix Reservations Mira Mesa, CA -Sales Representative.  / year 2020 U.S. Census Temporary Employee,  Sales Representative- Cynthia Accessories and more.

Office location  - Emerald Plaza 402 W. Broadway Suite 400 San Diego, CA  92101

​ Appointments only online no walk ins
    official regular Office   402 Broadway Suite 402 W. Broadway Suite 400  San Diego,CA92101 / Appointments Only online / floor receptionist located- Regus 4th floor
​                                        [email protected]
​                                                             619 321- 6882

  Appointments only, no walk in appointments 

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Partial office hours.  This office is open Monday thru Friday 9;30 am to3;30 pm appointments are over the phone No office appointments visits unless extreme emergency.  no on weekends and holidays at Emerald Plaza - San Diego office. . - Available fill out form / services online.  You can email, email for resume services, job seeker resumes, employment consulting services and . Send employment solicitations, zoom meetings, & appointments in writing to email & thru online services Monday thru Thursday 9;30 to am3;30 pm and Fridays 9:30 am to 1200 pm noon - website forms from the service web page. Emails are checked though out the day daily.  Office is not open for in walk in  appointments, if you are in need of employment services, online services are available person. please email this firm at  [email protected]  As of November 2022 Advantage Solutions Employment will no longer offer solicitation bid, or temporary staffing placement thru employers. Advantage Solutions Employment will continue to offer resume services and employment consultant career advice services and permanent recruitment services for a fee to job seekers and employers. No temporary contract staffing services will be offered to employers or job seekers. As of July 2023 Advantage Solutions Employment is no longer incorporated with the state of California, advantage Solutions Employment left on good stand regarding secretary of state. Advantage Solutions Employment is not a hiring company, it is a executive search, recruitment search, resume service and is a employment consultant advisory company,
           Cynthia Brown
                  Ashanti  (Nick name).